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A Sizzling Signage Transformation for Barbeques Galore

Barbeques Galore, a prominent Aussie retailer focused on outdoor cooking & entertainment products, were undergoing a national refresh initiative and expanding their reach with new store locations. To support this growth and create captivating in-store experiences, they sought unique, eye-catching, and cost-effective signage solutions. They also aimed to upgrade their external signage for enhanced brand recognition and visibility. Engaging CV Media & Signage, they embarked on a comprehensive signage project to fulfil their goals.

The project encompassed a nationwide refresh of internal signage, as well as the delivery of internal and external signage for new store locations. CV Media & Signage employed a range of materials and sign types, including digital printed graphics, router-cut text and graphics, and 3D illuminated fabricated signage. This diverse signage approach ensured effective brand promotion and showcased Barbeques Galore’s extensive (and growing) product offerings.

One of the key challenges faced during the project was the need to swiftly refresh existing stores while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations. Barbeques Galore required their stores to remain open during renovations, necessitating meticulous coordination and communication. CV Media & Signage addressed this challenge through clear and concise communication with the client and our trade partners. By ensuring access and adhering to promised timelines, the team successfully delivered the signage solutions while working harmoniously with customers, staff, and other trades.

Barbeques Galore chose to collaborate with CV Media & Signage due to our flexibility and ability to accommodate last-minute requests, ensuring timely project completion. Moreover, CV Media & Signage provided cost-effective solutions that aligned with Barbeques Galore’s design guidelines, enabling the client to optimise their budget. The national capability of CV Media & Signage ensured consistency and quality of the delivered and installed product across all states.

The collaboration between Barbeques Galore and CV Media & Signage has fostered a strong partnership built on trust and mutual interests. The relationship transcends a mere supplier-customer dynamic, with both organizations working together to achieve the best outcomes possible. CV Media & Signage takes pride in being part of the Barbeques Galore family, contributing to their growth and success in the market.

In conclusion, the signage work completed by CV Media & Signage as part of Barbeques Galore’s National Refresh and store expansion initiative has significantly enhanced their brand visibility and product promotion. Through our expertise and efficient project management, CV Media & Signage successfully overcame challenges and delivered captivating signage solutions. The partnership between Barbeques Galore and CV Media & Signage exemplifies a collaborative approach focused on achieving shared objectives and driving mutual success.

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