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September 29, 2017

How can you improve your customers parking experience?

As the first touchpoint with your business, it is essential to eliminate the frustration that often accompanies finding a parking space. Research by Columbia Business School has proven that a relaxed and happy customer is willing to spend more money and more likely to become a repeat customer. Avoid making potential customers irritable through focusing on creating an easier and more convenient parking experience.The growth and universal impact of digital technology is the key to engage with, entertain and monetize customers in the modern world. Not only can digital technology play an essential role in providing the seamless parking experience that customers now expect, it can also create insights to drive the future direction of businesses and the services it provides.

Key to creating these insights is the implementation of a very important sales channel; an online booking system. Not only can businesses request general, vehicle and payment details, but loyalty incentive programs can develop a reliable customer base. Execution of an online booking system will allow for a streamlined customer experience as customers can reduce the hassle of searching for a parking space. Over 65% of Australia’s population shops online for a quick and effortless service, and the parking industry needs to reflect this norm in their offering. How?

  1. Better Facility Management

Dynamic digital parking signage allows businesses to run facilities unattended using enhanced graphic displays and instructions to guide customers from entry to exit. A key benefit to this technology is the cloud based content management system allowing businesses to easily modify the content anywhere, anytime. Operators can also collate and analyse data of car park usage and trends, allowing the business to improve engagement with customers, create targeted digital marketing activity, plan capacity and implement dynamic pricing.

  1. Reduced Traffic Congestion

Number plate recognition software will eliminate the need for drivers to stop and collect a ticket whilst linking dynamic digital signage solutions with intelligent sensor systems will provide real time space availability. The combination of this technology will optimise the traffic flow and help to ease congestion at the car park entrance and throughout surrounding areas.

  1. Increased Security

BPA research shows that after location, security is the main concern when choosing a car park. Intelligent sensor systems and CCTV can be synced with LCD video walls to create a centralised command centre to provide a safe customer service experience. Centralised command centres enable staff to speak to customers, quickly address any security and traffic management issues and raise boom gates.

  1. A Better Customer Experience

Digital parking technology provides a unique communication tool to manage crucial brand touch points and enhance the customer experience with customised, engaging content. By improving the ease of entry, payment and exit along with the implementation of a loyalty incentive program, customers will be more inclined to park at the same location more frequently.

Not only will your business improve your customers parking experience through the implementation of digital technology, the advertising capability of dynamic digital signage provides the opportunity for increased revenue by engaging with nearby businesses or through the promotion of car parks specials, car wash and valet options. Incorporating dynamic pricing is also a powerful way to instantly increase revenues and the bottom line.

As featured on Parking Australia.

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