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November 3, 2019

Casinos Win Big with Digital Signage

The key to the success of large venues such as casinos, hotels and stadiums is delivering a customer experience that makes people feel like more than just a number walking through the door. The biggest challenge that casinos tackle is servicing all of their customers as efficiently as possible with the first physical touch points of their venue and brand.

Casinos can build technology around their customers that integrates effectively into the facility to provide wayfinding, information and entertainment. Mapping the customer experience can be a critical element in understanding the needs of patrons. With an understanding of different customer types, technologies can be customized to shape and personalize brand interaction. With multiple levels, locations, entrances and motivations for visiting, the task of adequately servicing the broad spectrum of customers can be difficult, but it’s made possible through innovative digital planning.

The digital journey     

Upon entry, digital wayfinding and information kiosks can be the perfect first touch point for customers. Utilizing digital for this purpose provides flexibility and allows an evolution in message delivery to stay in sync with the constant changes at a casino. The opportunities for interactive kiosks are endless with a few key opportunities highlighted for large and diverse venues;

  • 3D mapping; an interactive map of the floor plans providing customers with visual directions from where they are to where they want to be,
  • Categorized offers and services for customers to peruse and understand what is available i.e. dining, bars, clubs, gaming, accommodation and amenities,
  • Detailed restaurant menu information,
  • Entertainment and event programs,
  • Gaming updates and information, and
  • Advertising of specialized promotions and offers.

As patrons move through the venue, digital networks can provide a channel to stay in touch with the integration of video, animation and engaging content that is both informative and entertaining.

As casinos are premier entertainment environments, digital displays also provide the ability to integrate digital art. Providing eye-catching features can elevate any atmosphere whilst also reducing perceived wait and travel times. Unique digital designs release limits on the imagination and can bring the outdoors in, and for designers, make the impossible possible.

Continuing the digital journey, multiple opportunities exist for different destinations inside a casino;

  • Restaurants and bars can utilize digital menu boards,
  • Clubs can integrate video walls,
  • Gaming floors can utilize interactive screens and digital wayfinding, and
  • Integration of digital elements can gauge customer experience and gain feedback.

Integrating digital signage provides a unique platform for brands to engage their consumers with customized solutions. Digital options have opened up the possibilities for a greater customer experience whilst boosting the bottom line for casinos. In other words, with digital implementation boosting the customer experience, the house always wins.

As featured on Digital Signage Connection.

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