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November 22, 2016

Empowering corporate culture through digital communications

It can be tricky to communicate important messages in a workplace landscape. Often organisations find people are busied by their overlapping meeting schedules, endless to-do lists and an inbox of emails that no matter how many we action, never seems to get smaller. For companies, a challenge lies in embedding communications within the culture which is both effective and has the ability to translate into different team dynamics and in different locations.

The advances in technology have seen a growing interest in how companies can digitise their communications to integrate seamlessly into their employee’s everyday environment.  How can a company replace the infrequency of a newsletter or email and have a continued cultural representation of pride and progress?

The digital progression for companies is happening at a rapid pace with more efficient workflows, paperless systems and digital data control across multiple business functions. The digital journey is happening for businesses everywhere with Alex Niehenke of Scale Venture Partners saying “If you’re not figuring out how to be a digital company, someone else will be coming around to replace you.”

The integration of digital screens across business locations can provide a continuous feed of information and updates which reflect 3 core aspects of any company;

  1. Progress: job wins, project updates, key milestones reached, project completions
  2. Pride: team success, internal and external recognition, individual accomplishments
  3. Information: safety updates, company information, important news, industry specific information

Similar to the feeds we engage in across social networks, digital corporate communications can bring life and activity to the office and site space. Building integration from the different facets of a business can be particularly beneficial in providing a layered culture of recognising progress, understanding peers and motivate a strong feeling of company pride.

A key aspect and positive of digitalisation within organisations is engagement. Moving from hierarchies to networks and shifting the sense of top down control to an empowering environment will be crucial for the future of work (figure 1.responsive org manifesto). Companies that want to stay ahead will be looking to move from the more predictable focuses and start experimenting with less predictable opportunities. Enriching company culture through consistent engagement can be achieved through active digital message delivery across different offices, locations and from different sources. The flexibility of real time digital communications empowers employees to engage other employees and offers a platform to spark internal conversation.

Corporate Communications - Responsive Org Manifesto

Figure 1. Responsive Org Manifesto

Case Study

CV Services Group integrated digital corporate communications over 18 months ago and have seen a number of key positives as a result. With 8 locations in 3 states and across two countries, CV Services Group have strived to deliver company coordinated communications simultaneously across all locations. Each office has 1 – 3 screens which displays rotating content inclusive of messages around pride, progress and for informative purposes. The simplistic design of digital screens allow them to blend into any space without interference yet still deliver messages with impact.

Commercial Director, Ian Norman said “integrating the digital signs into the communications mix has seen a number of key positives, with the delivery of up to date and topical content that can be refreshed on a regular basis. The teams have stated how useful they find the information and feel much more informed about what is going on within their own division and on a companywide level.”

The ability to adjust and change content in real time and in reaction to the external and internal environment is reflective of the digital progression being seen across many companies. For CV Services, reinforcing company culture is no longer left to intermittent team meetings or toolbox talks; the digital technology allows it to become part of everyday work life.

The digital progression of work spaces is ongoing, as digitisation across the workforce is in full swing. Rather than fear the future, companies will seek to adapt, integrate and develop their business culture around the digital space. Assisting with all aspects of corporate communications from the technical to the function and delivery, CV Media & Design can integrate the best digital corporate communications for your company today.

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