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Melbourne Airport Digital Signage Passenger Experience

Digital Signage Melbourne

CV Media & Signage are a national provider of customised visual solutions and leading experts of digital signage in Melbourne. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering industry leading traditional and digital signage solutions to a broad range of loyal customers.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and teams operating in all other states, we are proud to have delivered projects across all parts of Australia and New Zealand. We have our own state-of-the-art manufacturing and print facility and have grown to become one of the most respected signage providers in Melbourne.

Whether your business requires digital or static signage, or a combination of the two, our capability ensures we can tailor the right signage, with the right creative, in the right location for your needs.

Why go digital? Digital signage delivers messages in a flexible, engaging, interactive and personal way. Whether it be for information, service or experience, digital signage can enhance engagement and elevate your brand.

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Chadstone Valet Digital Sign

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Kiosks

Replacing static posters with indoor or outdoor digital kiosks enhances the customer experience by allowing businesses to engage with customers through targeted content based on real-time information and in turn, increase sales.

Video Walls

Promote your brand with stimulating full colour images or video and capture the interest of shoppers and passers-by. Embrace these large dynamic displays by displaying strong, impactful content to inspire and engage your customers.


LED displays are an engaging, dynamic and flexible promotional platform. Indoor or outdoor, single or double-sided, stand alone or integrated within a pylon sign, with a range of pixel pitches, the possibilities for LED are endless.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards allow restaurants to easily implement day-part scheduling, rapidly deploy pricing changes and experiment with different content, menu items and promotional campaigns through dynamic video content.


Why interactive? Why not. The possibilities are endless with in house creatives and digital specialists. Whether it be for information, service or experience, interactive digital signage can enhance engagement and elevate your brand.

Digital Communications

Technology is enabling business internal communications to be much more timely, targeted and effective. As emphasis on company culture continues to grow, digital screens allow businesses to engage with employees and visitors.

Stockland Digital Billboard

Our experience

Our experienced team combine cutting edge technology with industry leading creative to deliver innovative experiences that are engaging and visually stunning. Find out how we’ve delivered unique digital signage solutions for a broad range of customers below.

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport is Australia’s busiest 24/7 airport, with over 36 million passengers transiting through in FY18. The year also saw the addition of six new airlines and six new destinations. This growth, together with forward projections in handling capacity needs has seen the demand for the airports integrated technology to be intelligently designed, forward thinking and future proofed. Digital signage plays a key role in Melbourne Airports system for the future, with the recent addition of two new LED’s. These 2.88-meter by 0.96-meter and 2.88-meter-by-1.22-meter screens are situated in heavily trafficked walkway areas, navigating customers to and from key checkpoints, including the car parks, check in desks and gates. The fine pitch LED allows for a crisp image to not only display relevant and informative passenger content and wayfinding information but also has the capacity for targeted internal and external advertising opportunities.

Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez is on a mission to reinvent fast food for the 21st century. Their restaurant designs, like their menu items, channel Mexico’s urban streets. With their agile approach to marketing and push to be part of the fast food revolution, digital drive thru menu boards were the next logical step for GYG. CV Media & Signage’s outdoor digital drive thru menu boards utilise an industry leading aluminium kiosk and Samsung OH series IP67 ultra-bright screen. The technology allows the digital menu boards to sync together and alternate through traditional menu content, animations and displays of new products and special offers. Through a cloud based content management system, the content is easily updated in real time and in accordance with the store to store requirements for their offers. Along with the delivery of the outdoor digital drive thru menu boards, CV Media & Signage has also provided internal and external signage.

Vicinity Centres

Vicinity Centres is one of Australia’s leading retail property groups, with a fully integrated asset management platform. To remain progressive in the retail space, Vicinity Centres were looking to explore visual and digital opportunities to enhance their overall customer service offering. CV Media & Signage has provided Vicinity Centres with dynamic parking kiosks to integrate within a number of their car parks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Dynamic parking kiosks provide a flexible rate board for the property group along with the ability to customise content delivered to their customers on arrival. The customised kiosks are all managed via a cloud based system with internet access, allowing updates to be made in real time and from any location.

Mid City Arcade Digital Signage

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