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Innovative Actuating Signage Solutions for AAMI Park

In the pursuit of a custom signage solution to compliment their newly installed digital scoreboard, the Melbourne Olympic Park Stadium partnered with CV Media & Signage to address a unique challenge – to prominently display “AAMI Park” lettering without the need for frequent removal or covering to accommodate uses of the stadium for different events. 

CV Media & Signage responded with an innovative approach – creating a hydraulic actuating sign system that could easily fold down the AAMI PARK logo with the flick of a switch. This unique concept eliminates the traditional need for cranes and labour to remove and then reinstall the sign each time the stadium is utilised for other events that require the removal of the AAMI Park branding.

CV Media & Signage manufactured and installed the 2-metre high by 10-metre wide “AAMI PARK” fabricated letters on staging frames, carefully positioned atop two scoreboards.

This project was not without its challenges. One significant hurdle was the development of the actuating arms – a first of its kind. CV Media & Signage collaborated closely with hydraulics suppliers, structural engineers and CV’s experienced, in-house team of electricians to strategize, plan and build a cost-effective solution.

The collaborative efforts of these teams resulted in overcoming obstacles related to manufacturing the intricate structure, ensuring smooth operation of the actuators, and meticulously addressing the intricate electrical requirements and cable management.

CV Media & Signage proposal not only presented an innovative and functional solution but also offered cost-effectiveness. By enabling the signage to be lowered instead of removed during various sporting events, substantial cost savings over the lifetime of the sign will be achieved. 

In conclusion, CV Media & Signage’s commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and client satisfaction shone through in the development of this groundbreaking actuating signage solution. By successfully merging creativity and functionality, the project not only showcased their capabilities but also positioned them well for future similar ventures, promising enhanced cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

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