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Shared Space Digital Signage

The modern workplace

The most important aspect of an office space is collaboration – creating an environment where technology and people can work together and facilitate better collaboration and innovative thinking. CV Media & Signage’s digital solutions encompass technology that facilitates a modern workplace such as collaboration displays, video conferencing, corporate communications and room scheduling.

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Reception Digital Signage


Collaboration Display

Collaboration displays are designed to enhance and accelerate teamwork, increasing productivity and enabling collaborative meeting rooms. They allow people to work together on one visual space, even despite great distances. Collaboration displays offer easy video conferencing with integrated features such as microphones, cameras and speakers, enabling an unlimited number of users to simultaneously share and control content.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing systems allow remote teams who once would have been completely isolated from one another to easily schedule meetings and collaboratively work together through screen sharing from anywhere, anytime. While video conferencing is largely a digital technology, it still relies upon physical hardware. There are endless options available to allow you to get your meetings started quicker and easier. Whether you need a camera, microphone, speaker or an all-in-one hardware device, we have the solution for you to provide an effortless experience.

Corporate Communications

Technology is enabling business internal communications to be much more timely, targeted and effective. As the emphasis on company culture continues to grow, digital screens allow businesses to engage more effectively with their employees and visitors. A cost effective and flexible solution for relaying company and safety messages, digital screens can be implemented and integrated across multiple locations. Placed strategically throughout open plan offices, receptions, cafeterias and boardrooms, digital internal communications fosters team collaboration. Digital signage can also be paired with other technology to enable content to be pushed directly to employees phones.

Room Scheduling

Linked to a calendar system, digital meeting room signs make reserving spaces simple and avoids confusion and double ups. To avoid unused rooms due to no-shows, utilise the “check in” functionality which allows the central system to set a time when the meeting should be cancelled if not checked in, and the rooms becomes available to others. Alternatively, utilise the screens outside pre-booked offices and display the companies branding.

Digital Check In

Effective digital displays can not only improve communications but also streamline operations. Using an interactive digital display can create a seamless check-in experience which in turn will increase workflow efficiency and simplify record-keeping. A welcome screen can be used for both visitors and contractors with a notification sent to the relevant person they are visiting.

Collaboration Displays

Content Management System (CMS)

At the heart of digital signage is a CMS. Being cloud based, our CMS provides a flexible platform to manage your digital assets allowing you to update content anywhere, anytime. With the capability to be centrally managed, our CMS is designed and optimized to offer secure and efficient management at scale. This enables control of the entire network of screens whilst at the same time allowing for tailored content at specific offices.

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