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COVID-19 Signage

Is your business ready to re-open once this pandemic has ended? While it is inevitable that it will finish, it will change the way we live, interact and do business. People might be hesitant to approach busy venues. Staff might be hesitant to come back to work. Our range of solutions below will help your business overcome any future challenges and ensure your staff and visitors feel safe.

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covid-19 signage

COVID-19 Solutions

Educational Bollards

Utilise bollard shrouds to educate visitors on the correct behaviour before entering your venue.

Educational A-Frame

Distribute A-Frame’s throughout the entrance, lobby or any high foot traffic areas to educate visitors on the correct behaviour within your venue.

Educational Decals

No bollards in front of your venue? No worries! Our decals can be placed in the front entrance windows and throughout your venue.

Social Distancing Stencils

Placed 1.5 metres apart these stencils visually assist and protect visitors as they queue in entrances. They can be jet washed or chalked on the pavement or car parks to be easily removed at a later date.

Social Distancing Decals

Install social distancing decals as a great visual reminder for your visitors of the distance they should stay away from one another to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Sanitisation Station

No longer a luxury, our automatic sanitisation stations are now a necessity for any business to meet Australian hygiene and sanitation protocols. Encourage visitors to feel safe with CV Media & Signage’s touch free, durable and modern hand sanitisation station. The automatic hand sanitiser dispenser utilises a sensor to release the suitable amount of hand sanitiser to kill all germs. All without touching a thing!

Digital Sanitisation Station

CV Media & Signage’s digital sanitisation station is the perfect solution for a venue looking for additional advertising space. As well as the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, the station incorporates a digital screen (available in either 15.6” or 21.5”) to display a variety of marketing messages and hygiene advice.

POS Guard

Protect your employees with clear acrylic guards to provide protection from your visitors coughing and sneezing. Standard solutions are available or they can be easily customised to any height or width with the option to add in slots to easily accept payments or paperwork.

Social Distancing Pokie Guard

Avoid shutting down pokie machines with CV Media & Signage’s social distancing pokie guards. Placing clear acrylic guards between each pokie allows customers to sit at any machine.

Social Distancing Seat Signs

Encourage social distancing with seat signs which can easily be moved as required.

Traffic Guides

Utilise clear wayfinding signage to encourage a one way flow of traffic where possible to minimise the number of visitors passing throughout high foot traffic areas such as the gaming room.

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