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Bunnings Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs: Enhancing Brand Visibility

Pylon signs, also known as pylon signage, are large freestanding promotional structures that have become the prominent choice in commercial and industrial areas for ensuring maximum exposure to passing customers. These durable and easily designed structures have evolved into a major component of successful business promotions, making a bold statement for your brand with their larger-than-life presence across busy highways, motorways, and streets. 

Pylon signs can be custom made in a range of sizes and styles. Combining a combination of lighting and materials can create the perfect, bespoke pylon sign solution for your business.

Benefits of Pylon Signs:

  • Engage Customers: Pylon signs attract and engage consumers, leading to increased foot traffic and potential customers.
  • Durability ensures longevity: Count on the durability of pylon signs to provide long-term visibility for your brand.
  • Day/night visibility: Incorporate a lightbox in your pylon sign design to ensure your message remains visible both day and night.

Our Pylon Sign Range

Our diverse range of pylon signage solutions incorporates a blend of materials and lighting techniques, which encompasses internal or external illumination and integration of LED display screens. Here are the options at your disposal:

  • Singular Pole Pylon: An affordable and straightforward approach to amplify your visibility and reinforce your branding. This option particularly suits high-rise buildings and ensures widespread visibility.
  • Double Pole: Ideal for accommodating multiple signage panels, creating a striking pylon sign that captures attention effortlessly.
  • Concealed Monolith Pylon: An innovative structure designed to cover and complement existing structural support while offering the flexibility of custom shapes and sizes.
  • Fully Bespoke: Got a crazy idea for a pylon sign that isn’t on this list? Get in touch with us and we can make it happen!

LED Pitch

Weeroona Hotel - LED Pylon

LED Pylon: The Power of Dynamic Messaging

Integrating LED screens within pylon signs empowers businesses with the impact of traditional static signage while offering the flexibility of digital displays for targeted customer messages. Upgrading or refurbishing existing pylon signs to include LED technology allows for sign changes without detracting from your established branding.

LED technology provides greater dynamic messaging than a standard pylon sign enabling businesses to stand out from competitors and attract passing customers. With custom single or double-sided options available, CV Media & Signage can work with you on the design as well as the engineering to ensure the structural integrity of an existing pylon sign is maintained.

Benefits of LED Pylon Signs:

  • Engage consumers: LED technology enables dynamic messaging on your pylon signs, effectively captivating passing customers.
  • Flexible advertising: Save on wear and tear and print costs by remotely updating content, delivering relevant communications instantly or on a scheduled basis.
  • Advertise site-specific promos: Showcase various forms of content, such as advertisements, live TV feeds, dynamic video content, images, news, weather, all on your pylon signage screen
Southbank Pylon

Our Pylon Sign Project Experience

CV Media & Signage have extensive experience working with industry leaders across all sectors Australia installing Pylon Signs and LED Pylon Signs. Here are some of our favourite projects:

Sydney Business Park

Located in the North West region of Marsden Park, Sydney Business Park is envisioned as a central business hub stimulating industry and economic growth. This innovative project aims to deliver over 17,000 jobs and crucial development in the area, offering opportunities for businesses, commercial offices, large format retail, general industrial, and medium density residential spaces.

Professional Team Delivering Pylon Signage

CV Media & Signage was entrusted with providing pylon signage for Sydney Business Park’s new development. Our team conducted site surveys, completed comprehensive design and engineering, and customised and manufactured the pylon signs. We developed acrylic face pieces for different park retailers, services, and the Sydney Business Park branding, ensuring a clean and progressive look for the growing area.

We delivered a variety of pylon signs, each towering at 12 metres high, with varying design factors tailored to their specific locations. The signs were fully manufactured on-site at our Brisbane facility and expertly installed by our dedicated NSW installation team. Working closely with Sydney Business Park, we ensured all signs remained on-brand and were of the highest quality.

Murrumba Downs Tavern

Situated in northern Brisbane, Murrumba Downs Tavern, a popular hospitality establishment, sought a powerful and engaging signage solution. To achieve this, we integrated a double-sided 2160 mm x 2160 mm LED display within their pylon sign. The noticeable and engaging LED pylon allows for digital message interchange while maintaining the continuity of static messages. The tavern gains full control over their communicated messages, targeting timely, promotional, and demographic cues, all while captivating the attention of passersby.

In conclusion, pylon signage, especially when equipped with LED technology, is a game-changer for businesses looking to maximise their brand visibility and engage potential customers. Trust the expertise of CV Media & Signage’s professional team to deliver outstanding pylon signs that leave a lasting first impression on your target audience. Contact us today for your initial consultation!

Burpengary Community Club

Burpengary Community Club is the local gathering point in the Burpengary region, dedicated to nurturing community spirit through diverse activities and events that cater to all age groups.

CV Media & Signage partnered with the club to complete their signage overhaul. As part of this, CV produced and installed digital pylon signs with inbuilt LED screens. These signs are not just directional markers, but symbols of the community spirit the club stands for, designed to be both eye-catching and capable of withstanding Australia’s diverse weather conditions.

Our Brisbane-based team managed every phase of this undertaking, from the technical details of fabrication to the practical aspects of installation, ensuring the signs met the highest standards of safety and functionality. Leveraging our team’s skill in working with light and electrical components, we were able to create a sign that is both functional and fitting with the club’s vibrant persona.

Recently, our Queensland team successfully installed the new signs, marking an essential step in enhancing the club’s branding and visibility. This collaboration has served to spotlight Burpengary Community Club as a prominent community hub, welcoming everyone to join in the rich community life it promotes.


Bunnings is the leading provider of home improvement and outdoor living retail products in Australia and New Zealand. With a strong focus on delivering the best value for money, Bunnings has surpassed competition to be a market leader in the home improvement retail space with plans to grow into the future.

CV Media & Signage was engaged by Bunnings to manufacture and deliver pylon signs for their new warehouse stores. Backed by a wealth of retail signage experience, the team has a strong understanding of the engineering and logistics behind the installation and site integration of pylon signs including the light and electrical components.

As a key reference for direction and location, Bunnings wanted to ensure the pylon signs would stand out and withstand harsh and ever-changing Australian environmental conditions.

Manufactured on site in our Brisbane signage facility, the pylon signs were fabricated, painted and assembled by the in-house team. Most recently, the new pylon signs for Bunnings at Keppera was delivered, with the installation of the pylon signs completed by our Queensland based team.

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