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Trusted Taste: Branding Zambrero’s Latest Locations

As Zambrero – a fast-growing name in the fast-casual dining sector – continues its ambitious store roll out, they sought a trusted partner to ensure their new locations maintain a unique edge while remaining aligned with their core brand values. CV Media & Signage, Australia’s leading signage manufacturer, rose to the occasion. 

We were tasked with manufacturing and installing distinct Zambrero signage for seven emerging sites across NSW, VIC, and SA. Each of these stores required the creation of vibrant illuminated storefront signs; printed wall graphics that aligned with the Zambrero brand; and some traditional good-old-fashioned sign writing (who says tradition is dead?). 

With any endeavour of this magnitude, challenges were par for the course. Integrating their bespoke illuminated signs within the spatial confines of indoor shopping centres, especially when retrofitting them to pre-existing infrastructures, demanded a mix of creativity and technical expertise. Furthermore, the sheer geographical diversity of the new stores introduced layers of logistical complexities.

Leveraging our extensive national capability and experience, we mapped out cost-effective, seamless solutions for both delivery and installations. Every illuminated sign was meticulously retrofitted to each location’s existing structures, ensuring Zambrero’s brand presence was both striking and effortlessly integrated into its surroundings. Central to our approach was maintaining the brand’s feel, guaranteeing that, irrespective of location, every new Zambrero outlet resonated with the brand’s core ethos.

This collaboration not only spotlights CV Media & Signage’s ability to navigate multifaceted, multi-location projects but also epitomises our unwavering commitment to transforming a client’s branding vision into an inspiring, tangible reality.

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