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January 10, 2018

Digital signage boosts real estate customer experience

To be successful in the highly competitive real estate industry, agents are looking to enhance their customer relationships by utilising technology to provide increased flexibility. Adopting digital media positions an agency as an innovative market leader and is a powerful, cost effective tool for communicating with current and prospective customers.

As consumer markets continue to evolve in the digital space, buyers and sellers expect up-to-date and engaging content on all communication platforms. This flexibility allows agents to update their listings and announcements in real time, keeping on the pulse instantaneously as the market changes. Clever integration of video and touchscreens can assist agents in dynamically showcasing their property range.

See how digital media can improve flexibility, provided increased personalization, differentiate the agents offer and save money below.

One of the key advantages of digital signage is the flexibility of the content management system. The system provides total control of content allowing agents to update their screens anywhere, anytime. Once a property is on or off the market, this can be reflected on a digital sign in a matter of minutes. Digital platforms allow agents to forget about waiting for marketing materials to be printed and focus on highlighting new listings within the sales office in real time. Automated processes can be easily built into digital platforms which helps reduce administration processes and allows agents to spend more time to focus on their customer’s needs.

Many of today’s customers are digital natives, those who have grown up with touch-friendly devices and assume everything is able to be swiped, pinched or zoomed. Placing a touchscreen within a sales office or window provides visitors the ability to browse listings, engage with the agency, and receive personalised offers. Digital media not only provides the opportunity to display properties in a dynamic way, but can be seen as less intrusive and intimidating than dealing with a salesperson. Businesses can enhance the customers experience and empower their visitors by allowing them control over their real estate journey, which is an important part of the customer experience for large scale investments such as property.

Touchscreen digital displays revolutionize a real estate agency’s traditional window by providing a 24/7 silent salesperson and the ability to engage with buyers and sellers effortlessly. Integrating touch screen technology within a window grabs the attention of passing customers, inviting them to learn more or to continue the experience in the sales office. The technology will not only appeal to potential buyers, but can help attract additional listings. Agents can take a simple floor plan to the next level by incorporating interactive maps, images, videos and 3-D models. With technology continually advancing, agents can provide customers with the ability to capture and email onscreen annotations.

Invest once with digital media and all printing, transport and labour costs of traditional signage fly out of the window. The digital experience enables a more streamlined approach to communications by allowing agents to adapt and optimize content whilst also reducing the cost per listing, resulting in increased revenue.

Digital media not only offers multiple channels to deliver information, but allows agents to acquire information about visitor selections and preferences, improving the understanding of potential buyers and sellers in the area. Incorporating digital elements into the broader marketing strategy will position a real estate agency as a market leader – ensuring they are providing current property information and promotions at all times, even when the sales office is closed.

As featured on DigitalSignageToday.

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