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March 20, 2018

Interactive touchscreen technology is elevating the conventional development sales space

Facing the challenges associated with assisting customers through the property purchasing journey, developers often implement a strategic marketing mix to provide maximum impact at each phase. Once customers are stepping into showrooms and sales offices, the audience is captive, and it is imperative to deliver engaging and informative content that is effective at converting potential customers into convinced buyers.

Already in the digital swing of things, the property industry has a lot to gain from the implementation of interactive sales spaces. With sensory cues at an all-time high, interactive screens allow future buyers to design their new home in front of their eyes. From the floor plan up, intelligent CMSs layer content so customers can visually explore design options, with the final product coming to life. Torn between colors? Comparisons can be made at the click of a button. It is impossible to avoid the buzz around “customer experiences,” but strategic use of digital opens up new avenues for the personalization and the customization of marketing for big purchasing decisions.

Location mapping is a key element for any sales display, with position playing a key role in the purchasing process. Customized area maps with services and amenities highlighted can be animated and visually display the direct accessibility for new homes. Unique camera and drone footage can be utilized to display the region of interest, offering a better insight for buyers not local to the area. For developments that are yet to be built, site maps can display the lot sizes and dimensions and reference to adjoining lots.

Video content can also be displayed through digital screens, bringing to life communities and locations in the sales space. The screens can be multipurpose, operating as lively advertising boards day and night while also serving as active sales assistants, allowing prospective buyers to peruse alone or with the guidance of sales staff.

Take the miniature case study below as an example: As an experienced and awarded property group, Pradella specializes in unique developments, setting the benchmark in progressive innovation and architectural design. Ensuring their sales space reflected the design and innovation aesthetics of their development, they integrated two 43-inch touchscreens. The touchscreens have a number of capabilities unique to the Riverside Coomera Resort, placing the ability to explore floor plans, layouts, designs, colors, site specifics and location all at the customer’s fingertips. The interactive displays are seamlessly integrated into their site-based sales space, providing an effective marketing and advertising tool.

With the ability to custom-design the screen’s interface and seamlessly integrate branding, it’s a no brainer that property professionals are choosing to make interactive screens an integral part of their marketing mix.

As featured on Digital Signage Connection.

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