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August 26, 2021

CV Media & Signage upgrades facility with new Powder Coat booth

The 2020/21 financial year was an incredibly busy time for CV, with the business forced to rapidly adjust its operational procedures in order to comply with the COVID-19 induced restrictions. With CV’s factory operating on all cylinders to deal with a rapidly increasing client list, the company recognised the importance of some making necessary upgrades in order to cope with previously unforeseen circumstances. This saw CV recently complete the installation of a brand-new Powder Coat booth and process within its Hendra facility. This machine will be used to deliver durable, high-quality finishes that can last over 20 years in the right conditions.

While a tremendous amount of time and capital was used to purchase this equipment, CV are confident that in the long term, the business will receive a positive ROI. This is because its ultimate purpose will be to streamline Hendra’s entire operations. In the past the business has had to outsource powder coating jobs to outside suppliers, and as a result of this, did not have complete control over its operations. With the business looking to maximise functionality, CV decided that it was appropriate to begin undertaking the powder coating process in-house. By installing this booth, the company will gain more operational control, and will therefore continue to deliver products of the highest calibre.

While this equipment will be essential in helping the business maximise efficiency, the benefits do not end there. Crucially, this new Powder Coating process will allow CV to generate additional value for future clients. With the booth being of very high quality, upcoming customers will now have a much larger range of paint finishes to choose from. Additionally, as a demonstration of our confidence, CV is offering extended warranties on all powder coated finishes.

Furthermore, this device will go a long way in ensuring that CV continues to lessen its environmental footprint – powder coatings contain no solvents and release almost no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

Though CV have only had the Powder Booth for less than one month, this piece of equipment is already becoming an essential part of the Hendra facility, with our team already wondering how they ever coped without it. The business is hopeful that the addition of this booth and process will not only streamline CV’s operations, but also create value for future clients, offer extended warranties, and assist the company in becoming greener.

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