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October 13, 2022

Refurb your Pylon – out with the old, in with the new

Pylon signs are one of the most effective and versatile marketing tools in the book. When used correctly they have the ability to transform a business, giving you a competitive edge. Due to their large presence, these signs can catch the eyes of customers from metres away. Pylon signs not only gain exposure for your business, but they provide an effective way to build brand awareness, recognition and value – the list goes on. Street front signage, like this one, allows businesses that don’t share street frontage an effective form of exposure.

So, you have a Pylon sign – great! But what makes yours stand out from the next?


Without detracting from your sign’s original aesthetics, the digital component aims to provide a fresh outlook on your brand while building your customers’ value perception. Through the years, static pylon signage has evolved and improved dramatically but there is no improvement better than digitalisation. Digital pylon signs allow businesses to change their content regularly, showing a desire to meet customers’ needs, wants and demands.

Financial benefits

While the initial costs of installing the digital element to your pylon sign may be high, the ROI is almost a sure thing. Digitalising your pylon sign can be one of the most effective ways to drive revenue. Unlike static signage, digital signage can easily be changed remotely; saving the time and money it would normally cost to engage someone to directly modify the sign.

Increased visibility and viewer engagement

There is no doubt that anything digital automatically adds to the overall visual appeal. Needless to say, a digital pylon is more visually appealing and therefore be more likely to attract customers. Digital signage can display multiple messages, moving images and engaging graphics to encourage customer interaction. The LED component will also ensure visibility through all hours of the day and night, giving a business 24/7 exposure.

Environmental impact

Shifting from static to digital pylon signage is an environmentally conscious business move. Consumers are becoming increasingly more receptive to socially responsible businesses. Transitioning to a more sustainable form of signage signifies to customers that their beliefs/values are respected. This will only create a more positive relationship with customers and in turn increase ROI.

Where to start? As experts in the signage industry, CV Media & Signage are no strangers to a job like this. We recently worked on a project with Re-Grow Property in Aspley, updating the static pylon sign at Robinson Road Marketplace to incorporate double-sided P6 LED displays. The digitalised pylon sign now catches the eyes of patrons passing through both sides of the busy Robinson Road.

As featured on Unwrap LFRA here.

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