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July 3, 2018

The Value of a Touchscreen Across Verticals

Digital touchscreen technology is popping up everywhere, and the question from a lot of companies is, “How can we swipe a piece of the interactive pie?” The flexibility available through hardware and software means customization is not only a possibility, but a preference. Providing solutions unique to a company’s offering or communications opens up the opportunity to intelligently integrate tech. Touchscreens provide the ability to empower customers, staff and stakeholders while elevating creativity and efficiencies.

It’s an exciting time to see how different industries are integrating touchscreen technology to enhance customer experiences and their own capabilities. Here is a few of our insights on how a variety of industries are integrating touch tech:

Transport & Travel

A time of heightened emotion, travel often results in customers stretching from calm to chaos. Digital touch technology has been explored in varying ways for the transport industry, from digital bus time tables and taxi touchscreens and full destination exploration. From the basic convenience of tracking where your ride is to doing a quick cost calculation to buying tickets or exploring a foreign place, customizing a digital touchscreen to a niche purpose is possible. Alleviating stress is at the core of transport and travel signage and can elevate a traveller’s experiences from good to great.

Touchscreens can be utilized for timely communications, real-time messaging and for allowing customers to explore their options. Rather than fumbling through Google, understand your customer journey and provide everything they need before they know they need it.  More frequently, touch technology is lending itself to developing smart cities, with public places embracing the opportunity to integrate interactive.


Entertainment precincts from art galleries to stadiums are hives of activity, and we have zeroed in on a few keys elements of engagement that can be elevated through touch technology. Find your gate, find your seat, find that exhibition you’ve been eyeing off or discover one you didn’t even know was on. The best part about touchscreens is the capability to build dynamic layers, providing as little or as much information as you need. Bringing life to locations through visuals and video will resonate with customers as they move through high activity spaces. When the screen is not being interacted with, entertainment precincts can take the opportunity to make promotions and specific information really stand out.


Retail is pushing the boundaries with digital engagement and integration. The technology available through digital touchscreens is opening up the floor to brand experience more than ever before. The opportunities for interactive elements are varied, with the central focus always staying on the customer. Empowering the customer through social media activations and digital browsing of the brand story allows the brand to provide more than just a product. It allows for an experience. The natural interaction increases dwell time and has proven to result in sales.

Project Snapshot

The Brisbane Airport Corporation recently integrated touchscreen technology into their taxi rank. The installation utilizes state-of-the-art ultra-bright 1p55-rated technology which is built into a customized casing provided by our manufacturing team. The solution was built for optimum function in an outdoor environment and remains unaffected by the elements. The screen allows for easy readability no matter the time of day or night. With a focus on customer service and maximizing efficiencies, the taxi touchscreen has been implemented in the taxi zone to assist and inform customers on the journey to their final destination.

Check out the video below to see the Taxi Fare Calculator in action:

As featured on Digital Signage Connection.

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