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March 15, 2023

Why your workplace should be using digital signage

Engaged employees are the backbone of any successful business. Research by Gallop suggests that organisations whose employees are in the 99th percentile of engagement are four times more effective than those who boast employee engagement rates in the 1st percentile.

Though with only 13% of the global workforce engaged, the million-dollar question becomes; ‘How can I engage my employees?’ Research suggests that the answer is internal communication; workers need to know the what and the why of your business. Essentially, by understanding what the company stands for, employees will begin to realise their role in helping the brand grow.

While an internal communications strategy has traditionally consisted of e-mail campaigns and newsletters, the digital transformation of the early 2020’s has seen a multitude of businesses take on an alternative approach with internalised digital signage fast becoming the norm. Here are 3 reasons why your business should consider using digital signage as a part of its internal communications strategy.

Demonstrate appreciation for employees

As previously stated, a lack of communication is one of the most common issues that exists in modern workplaces. Many employees feel like cogs in a machine and are often upset by the fact that their concerns are not taken seriously by management.

Fortunately, office-based digital signage provides businesses with an opportunity to demonstrate employee appreciation through two-way communication. For example, a handful of progressive businesses regularly ask workers for suggestions on how the company could be better run and display the best ideas on a central screen in the office. While something like this may be a relatively simplistic idea, it is a fantastic way for corporations to demonstrate appreciation to employees.

Seamlessly spread information

In order to maximise business efficiency, many corporations aim to ensure that their employees are aware of any major organisational changes within the business. While manually telling workers about change is relatively straightforward when the team consists of 10 people, a large-scale corporation with multiple offices will obviously have trouble undertaking a similar approach. Additionally, with the average employee receiving 121 e-mails per day, important messages can often get completely disregarded.

An increasingly popular solution for these issues is internalised digital signage. Often placed in an optimal area of the building, these screens are used to detail company announcements and are effective in ensuring that a message is seamlessly passed around.

Simplify the meeting room booking system

Businesses that install dynamic meeting related signage outside certain rooms allow employees to easily see information such as;

  • Status of a meeting room
  • Availability

Additionally, some more advanced systems allow employees to interact with the screen, and book, end, or extend meetings. While these devices may be relatively simplistic, they are ultimately effective in boosting productivity and communication and generally promote a more simplistic work environment.

CV Services Group is a business that understands the functional benefits that can arise from implementing modern meeting room systems. By utilising these systems within their facilities, the company is able to drive productivity and facilitate a higher degree of operational efficiency.

In a world where employee engagement is essential to a brand’s success, the importance of an effective internal communications strategy should not be overlooked. With digital signage possessing a recall rate of over 80%, it is unsurprising that many companies are beginning to base their internal communications strategy around internalised digital signage.

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